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News Update!

I have been M.I.A. for awhile now! so much has happeded since my last post. I have had a couple of book signing events, some speaking engagements and the biggest news of all, being selected as an featured author for the Texas Word Wranglers Book Festival 2021. I am beyond excited here.  Let me share with you some information about past events the last couple of months. In September I attended the Brenham Book Festival, this was an awesome event that was held at the historic Ant Street Inn, down town Brenham Texas. I was able to meet some awesome fellow authors and connect with them, overall it was a great event. Also in September, I had an event in College Station at Half Price Bookstore,  another event with a great turn out. I love meeting wonderful people who love to read and hacve an interest in my book, and my story. Oh and also in September, I had the pleasure and honor to present to a womans church group from Lyons Evangelical Church, what an awesome group of ladies. I truly made some amazing friends that night, and the food was even more awesome! September was a very busy month, then October comes in, On Saturday Oct. 16th, I was able to attend the Somerville Downtown Celebration, this was another great event and I was able to visit their local museum, so much history in this museum, if you are ever in Somerville Texas, please take the time to stop by to visit. I  also received the news that my work for The Silent Dreamer was being recognized by selecting me as an featured author for the Texas Word Wranglers Festival to be held in Giddings Texas, November 19, 20. It is so gratifying and so humbling to be selected along with 24 other authors from throughout Texas! More news on this as the event nears. Check out my online store here at my website to shop for my book and other items related to my book, The Silent Dreamer! #neverstopdreaming